Instagram Testing Hiding “Likes” and how it could affect you.

This past week at the Wired25 conference, Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced that the company will begin testing hiding “like” counts from posts for some US users. Currently, the parent company Facebook, has been testing this idea for its’ users in seven other countries such as Canada, Ireland, Brazil and Australia. They hope that by removing the “like” counts, Instagram

Marketing trends to know about in 2020

I have recently been reading about the top digital marketing trends of 2020, full of intimidating terms like Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Programmatic Advertising.  And, some less intimidating terms like Video and Content Marketing.  While some terms sound intimidating, the reality is all of these tools are already in use on a widespread scale. "The average consumer is hit with 4,000-10,000

Social Media Scheduling and why you need a backup plan.

Recently, a social media scheduling platform sent out this notification: Facebook and Instagram notified us that they paused our integrations on both platforms. This resulted in both an inability to schedule posts on the platforms and caused historical posts using our platform to seem to disappear. In some cases, posts didn’t just SEEM to disappear, they DID disappear.  Chaos ensued….for

An Innovative solution for NEWIN’s marketing challenges

  NEWIN – The Northeast Water Innovation Network, is a non-profit member-driven organization focused on driving innovation in the water industry.  Their goal is to support members through educational and networking opportunities, generate awareness of new concepts and products through “Pitch nights”, and continually drive further innovation in their space. They came to us to fill 2 important needs: 1

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