2019 is just around the corner, it’s time to assess your marketing strategy and plan for corrections. In our last blog, we reviewed some trends to watch in 2019. Let’s assess based on those. Ask yourself this series of questions to see how your marketing measures up.
Answer Yes or No.  Give 1 point for each Yes.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Is there a call to action built into key pages?

  • Do you track Google analytics and KPI’s to measure results, growth, and ROI?
  • Do you have an updated Google business listing?
  • Do you have at least 5 reviews on your Google business listing?
  • Do you have above a 4.5 star rating on Google?
  • Do you have an “About Us” or Explainer video on your website?
  • How often is your web content updated?

Weekly = 3 pts                      Monthly = 2 pts         Rarely = 0 pts

  • Do you have Facebook and Instagram pages for your business?
  • How often do you post interesting and relevant content to your Facebook and Instagram pages?

Weekly = 3 pts                Monthly = 2 pts         Rarely = 0 pts

  • Are your business cards and collateral materials visually consistent with your website?
  • Are you using 3 of the following with a consistent branding message? OTT, programmatic, radio, stream programming, print, retargeting, map pack ads, video SEO, email or direct mail.

Let’s see how healthy your marketing is:
13-16 points = You’re doing all the right things.  Are you getting the ROI you need?  If so, you’re set up for a win! If not, it is likely just a matter of tweaking a few things to increase results.

<13 points = Need a little help.  
What items did you answer NO to?  Who in your organization can spearhead efforts to bring these in line?  Do you need to bring in some outside help?   Make it a goal in 2019 to address these areas to draw more traffic and increase sales. If you found that your marketing isn’t quite up to par, we can quarterback you on a path toward success.  Contact Us.